Justin works as a Documentary Editor and DP. He’s been involved in productions all over America, from the far-flung regions of Patagonia, Chilé and Alaska, to the offices of Burbank, California. He is currently in post-production on THE EARTHWALKER (2023).

Before starting a career in film, Justin spent ten years as an artisan bread baker- now he’s convinced all that time spent staring into mixers has made him a stronger filmmaker.

Today, Justin continues to embrace life. He values the Quixotic spirit and persistence required to realize any great vision, and wants to contribute meaningfully to the project’s he’s a part of. Reliability, thoughtfulness, flexibility, candor, and ingenuity are where he shines as a collaborator- be it in the editing room or on a field of frozen tundra. 

When not working, Justin enjoys succumbing blissfully to YouTube’s spells of algorithmic confirmation, believing that the moon is hollow and that it’s only the crust which is made of cheese. 

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